Sweet Corn ‘Honeysweet’

25 Nov 2001

Yates (seed)

Sweet Corn ‘Honeysweet’. An early maturing variety of the popular new super-sweet corn. Large, even cobs with extremely sweet golden kernels. Very easy to grow.

Sow: When the soil is warm and all danger of frosts is over. Sow seeds in pairs in damp soil. No further watering is needed until seedlings appear. Thin out the weaker of each pair when approximately 15cm high.

Care: Plant in a well-drained, sunny position. Prepare soil by adding Yates Gro-Plus Fertiliser. Water regularly. Pick cobs when fine ‘silk’ has just browned. Protect seedlings from snails with Yates Blitzem.

A Hint For Better Crops: Sweet corn is best grown in blocks of short rows, which ensures better pollination and yield.

Germination: 6-10 days.

Harvest: 12-14 weeks.

1 Dec 2001: About three quarters of the corn seeds germinated this time – much better than last time, but still a bit disappointing. I planted them out with the rest of the corn seedlings – they’re a bit smaller, but hopefully they’ll catch up. If nothing else, at least the harvest will be spread over a longer period.

11 Nov 2001: I planted more seeds in seed trays. Hopefully these ones will do better than the last two batches!

10 Nov 2001: I transplanted the November seedlings into the top garden bed.Only about half of the seeds I sowed germinated. They seem to be doing OK so far, but I’m not sure why my germination rates are so low.

Nov 2001: More seeds were planted in early November in the sand/coir seed raising box.

Oct 2001: I planted corn seeds straight into the top garden bed. They didn’t germinate – I think they got too much water and rotted.