Lettuce ‘Green Cos’

7 Dec 2001

Mr. Fothergill’s (seed)

Lettuce ‘Green Cos’. An excellent variety of cos lettuce, producing large, firm hearts with a crisp texture and good flavour. It is suitable for both Spring and Autumn sowing.

Sow: Spring and Autumn, a few seeds in each clump, 6mm deep. Cover with a fine layer of seed raising mix or soil, and water gently. Space the clumps about 20cm apart. Keep moist. Thin to the strongest seedlings. Feed with liquid fertiliser every 10-14 days. water often as lettuce have shallow roots. Make successive sowings at fortnightly intervals.

Harvest: Will be ready 8 weeks from sowing. Eat straight from the garden.

Green Cos is ideal for growing in large tubs, pots or troughs.

Early Dec 2001: Began picking leaves. They’re perfect for sandwiches and Caesar salads. Eight or ten plants provides more lettuce than the two of us can keep up with!

Late Oct 2001: Pricked out the seedlings, and planted them in the bottom garden bed.

Mid Oct 2001: Sowed lettuce seeds in the sand/coir mix.