My favourite way to cook zucchini is in a small saucepan with butter and thyme. Towards the end of their fruiting life, I leave one or two zucchinis per plant to grow into a huge marrow. These are great stuffed with chilli-flavoured mince and topped with grated cheese.

28 Nov 2001 26 Nov 2001 1 Dec 2001

It pays to have plenty of bees around the yard to pollinate your zucchini flowers. Sunflowers are especially good at attracting them. If a female zucchini flower doesn’t get pollinated properly, it won’t form a proper fruit and will end up looking like this:

10 Dec 2001

You can tell male and female zucchini flowers apart by looking at the centre. The flower on the left is a female, the one on the right is male:

14 Dec 2001 15 Dec 2001

13 Dec 2001: Picked 3 more zucchinis.

12 Dec 2001: Picked 2 more zucchinis today. They’re starting to pile up in the fridge – if you know any good zucchini recipes, email me!

10 Dec 2001: Picked 1 zucchini.

9 Dec 2001: Picked 4 zucchinis today.

Early Nov 2001: Planted zucchini seedlings from punnets.