Copilot 2.0 – Control Other PCs or Macs Over The Web

Fog Creek Software has just released [Copilot version 2.0](

Copilot lets you remote-control another PC, much like VNC or RDC, with the advantage that it requires zero configuration, works through firewalls, and leaves nothing installed when you’re finished. Great for family tech support!

And get this – it now supports OS X. So you can control PC to PC, PC to Mac, Mac to PC, or Mac to Mac.

From a Mac point of view, it seems to be getting decent reviews:

– [TUAW](
– [Ars Technica](
– [Red Sweater](

I know, you could do this with VNC. But if you haven’t set that up in advance or it’s not currently working, Copilot will get you out of trouble for just $5 for a 24-hour license. Not bad.