Growing Mushrooms From Mushroom Compost

In July I took my trailer up to the mushroom farm to get a load of mushroom compost. It was $2.60/bag, and I got 16 bags for $40. I was really just thinking of using it on the garden as a mulch layer at that stage.

When I got home, though, I realised there were actually a lot of mushrooms on top of the bags. I picked them off and put them in the fridge. I wasn’t really ready to use the bags just yet, so I thought I’d put them under the house and see if any more mushrooms might sprout.

And sprout they did!

I kept a tally of how much mushrooms I got from the bags. All weights are after trimming stems for use:

– 25-07-2008: picked approx 750g of mushrooms off the top of the compost bags after picking them up in the trailer
– 28-07-2008: picked 150 g (total 900 g)
– 30-07-2008: picked 235 g (total 1.135 kg)
– 31-07-2008: picked 348 g (total 1.483 kg)
– 02-08-2008: picked 482 g (total 1.965 kg)
– 03-08-2008: picked 649 g (total 2.614 kg)
– 04-08-2008: picked 1703 g (total 4.317 kg)
– 05-08-2008: picked 699 g (total 5.016 kg)
– 06-08-2008: picked 841 g (total 5.857 kg)
– 07-08-2008: picked 442 g (total 6.299 kg)
– 08-08-2008: picked 177 g (total 6.476 kg)
– 09-08-2008: picked 660 g (total 7.136 kg)
– 10-08-2008: picked 326 g (total 7.462 kg)
– 14-08-2008: picked 348 g (total 7.810 kg)
– 16-08-2008: picked 407 g (total 8.217 kg)
– 17-08-2008: picked 369 g (total 8.586 kg)
– 20-08-2008: picked 510 g (total 9.096 kg)
– 21-08-2008: picked 540 g (total 9.636 kg)
– 23-08-2008: picked 415 g (total 10.051 kg)
– 24-08-2008: picked 275 g (total 10.326 kg)
– 30-08-2008: picked 206 g (total 10.532 kg)

The mushroom compost bags are now starting to be overrun by some kind of fluffy white fungus. It’s killing the mushrooms, so I think that’s pretty much the end of the harvest. Time to get the bags out from under the house and into the compost heap.

So, 10.5 kg of mushrooms plus 16 bags of compost for the garden. Not bad for $40!


  1. Your under the house mushrooms look exactly like mine. I too bought several bags for compost and put them under the house where it is fairly dark…..voila Mushrooms! and tasty too. I was thrilled to harvest them and I hated mushrooms before I got my own.

  2. Cool! I was really pleased with how they worked out. Fresh-picked mushrooms taste great, and have much better texture than the bought ones (which must be at least a few days old by the time you get them home). I was surprised at how much difference there was.

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