Macs Better Than PCs In An All-Windows Environment?

Some work-from-home solutions involve setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that sends all your internet traffic via your connection to the corporate network. And since big companies like to lock things down, this means you can’t access your private email server, Flickr account, instant messaging app, etc while you’re connected to work. A better… Continue reading Macs Better Than PCs In An All-Windows Environment?

Apple MacBook Pro Update

Apple has just updated their [MacBook Pros to the new Intel Core 2 Duo processor]( It’s probably a little earlier than many had predicted, but it’ll certainly be a well-received upgrade. The new MBPs are slightly faster (clock-speed-wise) than the previous model, have Core 2 Duo, HDD options of 100GB (7200 rpm)/160GB (5400 rpm)/200GB (4200… Continue reading Apple MacBook Pro Update

My Lab Is Open (Again!)

The lab where I work has been officially opened. Again. This is the second time it’s been opened since I started working here! Strangely, it wasn’t officially closed between the two openings. My employer, [Andrew Corporation](, has put out a [press release]( to mark the occasion. >“The members of this world-class Andrew team in Wollongong… Continue reading My Lab Is Open (Again!)