The 19-Week Ultrasound

The round thing on the right is the baby’s head, and the round thing on the left is the tummy.
13 Aug 2001

This was actually our second ultrasound, but it was the first one where we were given a photo to keep.

Earlier in the year (around mid-June), Megan was knocked around a lot by morning sickness. I wound up taking her to Shellharbour Hospital outpatients, since she couldn’t even keep water down. The morning sickness had led to dehydration, so they rehydrated her and kept her in for two nights to make sure she had recovered fully. Three litres of saline later, and Megan was feeling (and looking) a lot better.

The bright side was that we got to have our first ultrasound. Apparently twins often cause severe morning sickness, and so can a phantom pregnancy, so they wanted to rule out those possibilities. Luckily, it was neither – just the little tacker shown above acting up.

13 Aug 2001 13 Aug 2001