Pea ‘Greenfeast’

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Mr Fothergill’s (seed)

Pea ‘Greenfeast’. An excellent variety for the home gardener – one of our best cool season crops. A very hardy variety which crops well even in exposed areas. Requires very little attention. Choose a sunny position on well prepared, deeply dug, rich soil.

Height: 70cm.

Sow: Autumn through to Spring to avoid flowering during frost periods. Prepare flat trenches 15cm wide and 5cm deep. Plant seeds in zig-zag fashion along the middle of the trench allowing 5cm between each seed. Fill trench with soil and firm down gently. Rows should be spaced 45cm apart and approx 2m long.

Protect from birds with netting or black cotton during the early stages of growth. We advise using sticks or twigs to support the crop and this will make picking easier and improve yields. Keep well watered.

Harvest: crop will be ready approx 14 weeks from sowing. For the best flavour cook immediately after picking. When all the peas have been picked, the stems are a useful item for the compost heap.

Ideal for deep freezing.

12 Dec 2001: Picked another pod. Piled fertiliser around the base of each plant, as the new pods don’t look very big.

11 Dec 2001: Picked two more pea pods.

9 Dec 2001: Picked the first pea today – delicious!

1 Dec 2001: The peas are starting to flower, and the first few pea pods are growing.

Oct 2001: I planted the pea seeds straight into the ground in early October, around the same time as the sweet corn. I had a bit more luck with the peas – they sprouted pretty soon after sowing.


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