Disability Support Pension Reform

In their 2002-2003 Federal Budget, the federal Government announced a reform of the eligibility criteria for the Disability Support Pension. These reforms will have significant impact on working adults with Down syndrome, lowering their income and benefits, and thus affecting their ability to lead an independent life.

Please read this article about how one individual, Lisa McKerlie, stands to lose out. Have a think about the impact these changes will make on her life.

If you agree that the changes seem unjust, please contact your local MP.�You can look them up here:

For further information, see the Down Syndrome Association of NSW web page and media release. Even if you just send off a quick email to your local MP pointing them to these web sites, you’ll be helping a group of people who really need it.

For those in the Gilmore electorate (from Kiama down to Durras North), here is Joanna Gash’s email address for your convenience: Joanna.Gash.MP@.aph.gov.au