Wedding Speech – Stuart Campbell

Here’s a great short video of Stuart Campbell from Scotland, who at 16 was thrilled to be best man at his brother’s wedding. I’ve seen a lot of wedding speeches when photographing weddings, and this would have to rank up there with the best of them! I love that Scottish accent, too.

The Ringer

The latest Farrelly Brothers comedy movie, The Ringer, opened here in Australia last night. The basic plot outline is that the main character’s only option to erase a really bad debt is to rig the Special Olympics by posing as a contestant. Straight away you can imagine all the major movie-makers running away from that… Continue reading The Ringer

Garth Brooks – Standing Outside The Fire

Check out this great video clip, telling a vignette about a young man with Down syndrome just trying to fit in: [Garth Brooks – Standing Outside The Fire]( OK, it’s not a new video, but I hadn’t seen it before and it’s kinda cool.

Miscellaneous Books

This page is a collection of books that didn’t really fit in with the New Parents, Kids or Medical/Developmental pages. Adult novels that involve characters with Down syndrome:

Books For New Parents

When you first hear the news that your baby may have Down syndrome, all sorts of thoughts rush through your head. It’s a difficult experience, and it takes time to come to understand what it will mean for you and your family. It’s not all bad news, though. The outlook for people with Down syndrome… Continue reading Books For New Parents

18 Week Ultrasound

We had Megan’s 18-week ultrasound this afternoon. The result was a completely Normal Diagnosis. Also, there was an interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald recently about Down syndrome in art: Nativity scene paints different picture of Down syndrome.

Disability Benefits

This page will mainly be of value to Australian residents, but people in other countries may also get some ideas for finding out about local disability benefits. Theme parks (e.g. Wet’n’Wild, Movie World, etc) often offer a discount for a disabled child and their carer. As an example, general adult admission to Wet’n’Wild is $35.00… Continue reading Disability Benefits