Garth Brooks – Standing Outside The Fire

Check out this great video clip, telling a vignette about a young man with Down syndrome just trying to fit in: [Garth Brooks – Standing Outside The Fire](

OK, it’s not a new video, but I hadn’t seen it before and it’s kinda cool.


  1. Have you seen the video with the down syndrome boy. It has the music video as part of the video, but there is a story behind it all. I have been looking everywhere and still haven’t found it. I had watched it when I was in my preteens… quite some time ago about 17 years now. It was like the BEST video

  2. I didn’t know it was part of a larger story. I’ll have to do some research and try to track it down. Do you know what the video was called?

  3. Just saw the video on Youtube. Looking for Garth Brook clips, cause I like his music, and seeing this video struck me, because my 2 yr old has Down Syndrome. Someone knows the story behind this clip? Please send me an email

  4. Please, please if anyone knows or can find out the movie from which this clip comes from, i would be so greatful because i have to know…!!!!

  5. I don’t think it was part of a full-length movie, more like a short film set to music. The Official Garth Brooks website says this about it:

    ““Standing Outside the Fire” is a three-minute movie spotlighting the heroic efforts of a young man with Down Syndrome who competes in his high school track meet. Despite initial discouragement from his father and his coach, the young man triumphs, making an important personal win. It is an inspirational tale with spectacular special effects from video producer Jon Small.”

  6. Still looking for the video too.

    A shame that it can’t be found on YouTube any more.

    My wife and I love the desperation and determination showed throughout the video clip. It is an inspiration.

    Hope it is returned someday for the world to share and understand and be inspired!


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