Beneficial Creatures

The more beneficial creatures you can get to take up residence in your back yard, the less work you have to do to keep garden pests under control.


Lizards clean up slugs, snails and other bugs. All they seem to want in return is a log or rock to live under and a pond or a few shallow containers of water left around the yard. Don’t use snail pellets if you’ve got lizards in your yard – they’ll die if they eat a poisoned snail.

25 Nov 2001 9 Dec 2001


Despite their sissy name and girly looks, lady beetles are actually ferocious insectivores. They especially love sucking the juices out of aphids and mites. The fellow below didn’t cause that leaf damage – he’s eating the bugs that did!

Bees make sure all the flowers get pollinated properly.

1 Dec 2001 11 Aug 2001