MacUpdate Promo – Great Mac Software, Dirt Cheap!

Check out the current [MacUpdate Promo](!

For 50 bucks, you get:

– **ForkLift** – a nice-looking FTP client
– **RapidWeaver** – web site publishing software
– **SwiftPublisher** – for writing newsletters and creating gift cards (perfect for Xmas!)
– **Marine Aquarium** – really cool fish tank screen saver
– **Xslimmer** – reclaim disk space by removing the parts of applications not needed for your Mac’s architecture
– **MemoryMiner** – a very interesting and novel way to organise family photos
– **Yep** – scan and archive receipts and other papers
– **XMIND 2008 Pro** – mind mapping/brainstorming tool
– **iStabilize** – removes the shake from hand-held video

And if enough people buy the bundle, this one will be added to the mix:

– **PulpMotion** – create animations from your photos, video and music with awesome-looking templates.

This is a great bundle of apps. They’re all useful and interesting, however buying them individually would set you back over $600. Combined, for one more day only, they’re just $50. That’s a good deal even if you only want a couple of them.

I’m buying, and I’m really, really hoping they get enough sales to unlock PulpMotion.

There’s only a little over a day to go, so act now if you’re interested!

**Update:** Enough people bought the promo package to unlock the final application, PulpMotion. Yay! So if you were on the fence before, [head on over]( and buy it now before time runs out.

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  1. This is a great bundle. I think its worth it just for swiftpublisher and rapidweaver. And while I wouldn’t have paid for the aquarium simulator normally, it is very cool and a nice addition to the bundle.

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