MacUpdate Promo – Great Mac Software, Dirt Cheap!

Check out the current [MacUpdate Promo](! For 50 bucks, you get: – **ForkLift** – a nice-looking FTP client – **RapidWeaver** – web site publishing software – **SwiftPublisher** – for writing newsletters and creating gift cards (perfect for Xmas!) – **Marine Aquarium** – really cool fish tank screen saver – **Xslimmer** – reclaim disk space by… Continue reading MacUpdate Promo – Great Mac Software, Dirt Cheap!

PureText – Clipboard Cleaner For Windows

[PureText]( by Steve Miller is awesome for pasting stuff into CityDesk (and other HTML editors, rich text editors, formatted emails, Word docs, spreadsheets, etc). You just paste using Windows-V instead of Ctrl-V, and it’ll strip out all the formatting. It’s like doing Edit -> Paste Without Formatting or pasting into Notepad, copying, and pasting into… Continue reading PureText – Clipboard Cleaner For Windows

Lightbox JS v2.0 Image Galleries

I’ve just installed a neat image display tool called [Lightbox JS v2.0]( Lightbox is really easy to install – you just upload the scripts to your server and add a little bit of CSS to your site template’s header. Full instructions are included in the link above. I really like the way Lightbox can group… Continue reading Lightbox JS v2.0 Image Galleries

Moving WordPress To A Different Directory

This web site was originally created and maintained using [CityDesk]( from [Fog Creek Software]( CityDesk is a great tool for the job, but it only runs on Windows and I’ve moved to the Mac, so maintaining the site was becoming a pain. I was looking for a server-based content management system, and [WordPress]( was the… Continue reading Moving WordPress To A Different Directory

Associate Programs

I’ve been reading a lot about associate programs lately, and decided I have to try and get me a piece of this action! So, I’ve created a web site called Home Improvement HQ. I figure I’ve been through enough home renovation upheaveal to know a little about the subject, so we’ll see how it goes.… Continue reading Associate Programs

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Netscape CSS Problem

Someone alerted me this week to a problem viewing this site under Netscape Navigator version 4.x. I think it was caused by Netscape’s poor implementation of CSS, and hopefully it’s fixed now. If you notice any problems, please email me and let me know what’s wrong. Please include your browser name, version, and anything else… Continue reading Netscape CSS Problem

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