Discount on iView MediaPro 3

I use [iView MediaPro 3]( for managing my digital images, and absolutely love it. These kinds of digital asset management (DAM) tools are great for adding keywords to your photos, searching based upon keywords, editing down to a set of selects after a shoot, creating slide shows, keeping track of offline images (i.e. those stored… Continue reading Discount on iView MediaPro 3

Lightbox JS v2.0 Image Galleries

I’ve just installed a neat image display tool called [Lightbox JS v2.0]( Lightbox is really easy to install – you just upload the scripts to your server and add a little bit of CSS to your site template’s header. Full instructions are included in the link above. I really like the way Lightbox can group… Continue reading Lightbox JS v2.0 Image Galleries

New Web Site:

My newest site, OneStopUnder, is now online. It’s for higher-end photography enthusiasts – the type of people who own (or long to own) digital SLRs, rangefinders, medium format gear, etc. This site won’t list every new digicam on the market (there are hundreds released every year!). It will link to releases and reviews of new… Continue reading New Web Site:

Mac Photography

I’m a keen amateur photographer, and occasionally shoot weddings professionally. So if I’m going to switch to OS X I need a good system to download, manage, edit and print my images. I looked around the forums at (thread 1, thread 2, thread 3, thread 4, thread 5) to see what programs people are… Continue reading Mac Photography

Older Cameras

All the photographers I know seem to be planning their switch from film to digital (if they haven’t already made the jump!). “When will I change?” “At what price point?” “Digital compact or digital SLR?” “How many megapixels?” Am I the only one switching the other way? My 2.1 Mp Olympus C-2040Z is great for… Continue reading Older Cameras

Photo Competition Update

I finally got around to updating the images on my photo competitions page today. I’ve won a few awards in recent camera club competitions, which is motivating me to get out with the camera some more. Yesterday we signed all the home loan forms with the bank, so our renovations will hopefully be starting in… Continue reading Photo Competition Update

Kiama Christmas Lights

Christmas icons – a gum tree festooned with lights, and an Aussie flag. Three characters found in the gardens. Sights around Jamberoo: